Friday, January 2, 2015

Fresh Fruit Fool (Dairy Free)

We have been busy around here. Britney as I mentioned had a beautiful little boy named Henry. To join her 3 other boys. He is a sweet cuddly baby. She is a busy mama. he reminds me of how my newborns looked. It it truly a miracle each time a new little one joins our family. I had fun taking care of her 3 other boys while she was in the hospital. I appreciated the help from other family members. I love being a Grandma. This picture reminds me of Britney when she was a baby. I love him already. Britney and her husband Blake are great parents to their boys. 

I recently learned about this English dessert called "Fruit fool" It usually has custard or whipping cream folded into the fruit. I decided to make it healthier with whipped coconut cream. I also added chia for added nutrition. I added no sugar. I just enjoyed the natural sweetness of the fruit. It was delicious. I love finding ways to eat more fruits and vegetables. Here is a great way to eat fruit. The lime juice was a nice addition. This could make a great breakfast too. 

Welcome Henry!


1 kiwi Peeled and chopped up small pieces
1 banana cut up
2 T lime juice
1 tsp lime zest
1 C mangoes cut up (I used frozen)
2 T chia * Optional
1/4 C whipped coconut cream*
1 tsp vanilla
cut up kiwi and mangoes for on top

Directions  serves 2

1. Place kiwi, banana, lime juice, lime zest, and mangoes in a bowl together. Stir them up so the juice covers all the fruit. (You could also puree the mangoes if desired. Fruit fool often has fruit puree. ) Stir in the chia and set the bowl aside. 
2. * Making the coconut cream. Chill a can of coconut milk at least 5 hours in your fridge. (I have found in the winter storing my coconut milk in my cold storage my milk hardens without having to put it in the fridge. :) After it has chilled scoop out the thickened milk off the top (do not use the liquid on the bottom.) Whip up the cream with mixer or blender. Add the vanilla. Then fold into the fruit. 
3. Scoop into dishes. Garnish with additional fruit if desired.  Enjoy a wonderful treat!

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