Friday, February 10, 2017

The Mix and Match Lunchbox!!

We are excited to announce our newest cook book! This one is a winner. Do you have trouble figuring out what to feed your  kids (or yourself) for lunch?
The Mix-and-Match Lunchbox breaks down the process so you only need a whole grain + a protein + a fruit + a vegetable to make a complete lunch! When you think about it in those easy steps, making lunch becomes a simple process.
But it gets even cooler than that! The recipe pages are spiral-bound and divided into 3 pieces so you or your kids can literally mix and match the recipes to lunchbox success. It's so interactive that even your littlest lunch-eaters can have help in the planning of their lunches.

We think you'll love it! Order it from Amazon here!


  1. This is a novel idea for a lunch box. Kids will surely love it. I will give it a try. Making lunch for kids is a difficult task so I think it will work.

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