Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yummy Vegee Scramble

I find that between lunch and dinner is the time of day that I get the hungriest. So the key is to eat something healthy that can carry you to dinner. I made this today and it was just what I needed. Love that it has protein as well as lots of vegetables. It was delish.

It would also make a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner too.


I egg
1 T chia
1 1/2 T olive oil
2-3 mini peppers chopped
1 T onion chopped
5 chopped mini tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
salsa for garnish  (homemade is the best)

Directions    Serves 1

1.  In a small bowl beat together egg and chia. Set bowl aside.
2. Heat a small frying pan with olive oil on medium heat. Add peppers, onion, tomatoes and let cook while stirring 3-5 min. until soft.
3. Stir in the egg mixture with the vegetables. Cook until the eggs are all cooked.
4. Take off the heat. Scoop onto to dish salt and pepper and top with your favorite salsa. Enjoy!

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