Friday, July 25, 2014

Guilt Free Peach Ice Cream (No added sugar)

 So it is that wonderful time of year when peaches are in season. They taste wonderful in ice cream. I came up with a guilt free peach ice cream. I work hard exercising and I am sure you do too. So this is a great way to enjoy peach ice cream with out sacrificing the flavor. Yum! So easy to make.


1 C frozen peaches
1 frozen banana chopped up
2 T plain greek yogurt
1 tsp vanilla *optional
Optional cut up fresh peach

Directions  serves 1 or 2

1. Place peaches, banana, yogurt, and vanilla  in the blender. Stir and blend until creamy.
2. Scoop into dish and fold in fresh cut up peaches if desired.  
Wonderful refreshing treat.