Saturday, September 21, 2013

Raw Coconut Almond Cocoa Bites

This month's Recipe Redux features raw desserts. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that is something I love to make--especially the little bite-sized power bites. They are yummy, they keep well in the freezer, and are quickly made.

1C pitted, softened dates (soften in water ahead of time if needed)
1 T unsweetened cocoa
2 1/2 T coconut oil (coconut cream also works great!)
1/4 C almonds
1/4 C unsweetened coconut
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla

1. Put nuts in the blender or food processor. Blend till it is ground up fine. Add dates and blend again. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend till it is all combined.

2. Dump out into a bowl or plate and roll into balls. 

Makes 8 to 10 bites.

* It is better to make multiple batches. If you put too much into the blender or food processor at one time, the ingredients won't get chopped up and mixed as well. That has been my experience.
They are a yummy treat.

*The mix doesn't stick together until you roll them into balls. When you pour out, it will be all separated. Then when you roll a clump together it will stick together. If you want it to be moister you could add a little more honey. Happy snacking!

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