Friday, March 1, 2013

Anti-Inflammatory Tropical Salsa

Anti-inflammatory Tropical Salsa 

Salsa on Salmon and Sweet potato

I am always looking for new ways to include anti-inflammatory foods into my diet. This salsa is loaded with the great ones. These are some of the foods that I included in my meal that were anti-inflammatory; blueberries, garlic, jalapeno, onions, pineapple, sweet potato and salmon. It tasted good too. My husband commented after eating the meal how much he liked it. He enjoyed it. :) Eating healthy can taste good.

1 C chopped up mangoes
1/4 of purple onion chopped up
1/2 C red pepper chopped up
1/2 jalapeno deseeded
2 to 3 garlic cloves 
1 handful of cilantro
juice from 1 lime
salt and pepper to taste
Other additions to the meal:
baked sweet potato 
baked salmon
fresh pineapple
coconut oil

1. Throw all the ingredients for the salsa in the blender or food processor except 1/2 the cilantro, salt and pepper, and the blueberries. Pulse quickly a couple time. I wanted to still have it slightly chunky. 
2. Then throw in the blueberries and the rest of the cilantro. Pulse 1 or 2 times. Just until incorporated. Then add salt and pepper to your taste preference. Serve or store covered in the fridge till ready to eat. Yum!
3. I cut up a fresh pineapple.
4. Place 1T of coconut oil in a frying pan. Heat on medium heat. I put in a couple of pieces of pineapple to add to the flavor. Cook until done. You could also just wrap it in foil and bake in the oven. 
5. Bake a sweet potato.  

You have a great meal ready to eat. Have a happy weekend.



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