Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Freeze Peaches Naturally

I have enjoyed a wonderful natural treat this week. I bought a couple boxes of the most delicious peaches they were firm, and yet were amazingly sweet. I have eaten more than one some days. They are the kind that are dripping with juice when you bite into them.  I want them to stay the way they are so that I can just have them to eat each day. Unfortunately we are not able to freeze time, but we can freeze fruit,  and try to capture the flavor. This is a wonderful way to do that with keeping them as natural as possible. I have been known to freeze a lot of peaches through the years and this is the best process and easiest process I have found. I got this idea from the peach grower himself. This keeps them from turning brown too. Yes!
The peaches after they have been frozen.

 2 C fresh pure orange juice (no sugar added)


1. First wash the fruit and then peel or leave the peel on the peaches. Slice in thin slices.
2. Place in orange juice. Let them sit as you continue to slice more. They should be completely covered in the juice. They should be in the juice at least a few minutes.
2. Lift up the peaches and let the juice drain off. Place on cookie sheets and place in freezer. Falsh freeze. Take out once they have frozen.
3. Scoop into ziplock bags and place them back in the freezer. It is that easy and now they are ready to enjoy. You can capture the flavor.

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