Friday, August 8, 2014

Melon Sorbet (no added sugar)

So I was eating some delicious cantaloupe this morning. It was so sweet. I realized I needed to eat more of it before the season ends. I went on an evening walk last night. Love Love loved. Summer is slipping by way too fast. I also came up with the idea for this recipe as I was eating it. The flavors combined are wonderful. Yum! this is a healthier version of the shave ice that is so popular. No added sugar. Shave ice is way too sweet for me. The best way to make it is with nice naturally sweet melons. Guilt free refreshing treat.  Enjoy Summer!


2 C frozen watermelon cubed (The melon froze in just a couple hours)
2 C frozen cantaloupe cubed
Mint leaves for garnish

Directions  serves 2

1. Pour melons in the blender. (I use a blendtec love it!) Blend and stir until all blended.
2. Scoop out with ice cream scoop. Press against the side of the blender to get a nice solid scoop. Serve at once, or store in airtight container for later.

Here is strawberry watermelon sorbet.

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