Monday, June 23, 2014

Whole Grain Honey Rolls

We had a delicious day yesterday. I love to go to church. We had my Mom over for dinner along with some of our children. The Summer weather was beautiful. We enjoyed eating outside. One of our favorite parts of Summer. Is eating out in our gazebo together. These rolls were the best part of the meal. They were light and yummy. 

2 1/2 T Yeast
2 C Warm Water
1 1/2 C Almond milk (You could use another kind of milk)*
1/3 C +1 T. Honey
1/3 Coconut Oil Or oil of your choice
1 egg
3/4 T Salt
5 C Kamut flour
5 C Spelt  flour (add more if needed)


1. Pour warm water into a bowl with yeast and 1 T honey. Let sit till bubbles. 10-15 min. (If it doesn't bubble your yeast is not good. I don't even stir the yeast in. Just pour it on top of the water. No need to stir.)

2. Then add to the water the milk*, honey, oil, egg, salt, mix together in bread mixer.

3. Then add the flour one cup at a time. While kneading in bread mixer.  and knead for 3-4 min. Don't over knead. You want the dough to be sticky to the touch. Rub oil all over the dough.

5. Place in bowl cover and let rise until double about an hour.

6. Grease cookie sheets. Put oil on hands, and from the dough into rolls. Place on cookie sheet.

7. Let rise until about double.

8. Bake 350 15-18 minutes . Watch them they should be golden on top. Rub some butter on them when you take them out. They taste great with honey on them. =) Made 24 large rolls. (could be more)

They taste delicious with home made honey butter. Beat softened butter and honey together. Yum!

* If you use regular milk heat until it starts to steam, just prior to boiling. Cool off before you pour into yeast mixture.

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