Thursday, June 12, 2014

Creamy Melon Slushie

I had never thought about using honeydew melons in a slushie until I tried one in Hawaii. It was refreshing and yummy and I wanted to make one when I got home. So here is my creation that I came up with.

It was also fun to learn that honeydew has some good nutrients in it to. A cup of it has half the vitamin C requirement for the day. It also has dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B. The produce man said the best way to pick up a ripe one. He said you push against the skins and it should be slightly soft. If it is firm it is not ripe yet.


1 1/2 C chopped honeydew melon* (frozen the night before if possible)
1-2 T honey or sweetener of \choice (depending on how sweet the melon is.)
3 T chia
1 C spinach
4 C ice cubes

Directions  serves 2

1. Pour into the blender melon, honey, chia, and spinach blend until smooth.

2. Then pour the ice cubes into the blender and pulse a couple times. Leave small chunks.

3. Serve in cups right away.

* Ideal to freeze the melon the night before. If not possible you can use fresh. It will be more slushy if it is frozen.

* Check out this refreshing watermelon mango slushie. 

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