Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Refreshing Strawberry Kiwi Chia Smoothie

So as you can see from my latest posts strawberry season is being enjoyed at out house. We love strawberries around here. We have been lucky to get some really yummy ones. We are doing are part in enjoying the season. :)

This is a yummy smoothie with mostly using the fruit at the sweetener. If you want to make it thicker cut down on the milk. You could have a nice soft serve treat. It will also thicken if you put it in the freezer for a while. It is a refreshing treat. You are also getting the benefits of Chia if you add that too. Read the health benefit to Chia here. :) It can be healthy and taste great at the same time.

Ingredients  Serves about 3

2 C almond milk *Cut down to 1 1/2 C if you want it more like ice cream.
2 C frozen strawberries
2 kiwi peeled
1 frozen banana
2 T chia
1 T honey *optional
*You could add a handful of spinach too


1. Pour all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Drink right away or put in the freezer to thicken up. 

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