Friday, December 13, 2013

Make the world a better place one person at a time.....


I read this article today. It was wonderful and inspiring. Hats off to Notre Dame's example. It is so neat to have uplifting things to read. There are a lot of great things and people around. I love the idea of passing it forward when someone does something nice to you. Like those times somebody lets your car in when you are waiting at a busy intersection. I heard a sweet story--A friend said she was going to a fast food place. She waved on another car to go ahead of her when they both got there at the same time. When she got to the window to pay the lady that she had let go ahead of her had paid for her food. So cool! I was in the grocery store with my arms full. I sometimes think if I don't get a basket I won't get as much. It doesn't always work. The lady in front of me told me to go ahead of her. That gesture really touched me. It made me want to pay it forward, and do something nice. Yesterday I heard about the "angels" that are going around, and paying for people's things on layaway anonymously. That warmed my heart and made me want to do something nice.

We each can make the world a better place one person at a time. The positive thing that came out of the tragedy of 9/11 was the uniting that took place. I loved seeing the signs that where up in front of stores. We love America, etc.... It was a time that we united as a nation. We need to unite again. It can last all year long not just during the holidays.

One of my daughters is a cashier. She sometimes tells me of stories of people getting grumpy at her. We talked about the fact that it is hard to know what they are going through. She can make a difference by being kind back to them. That is a test for all of us. I was touched when I talked to my son about school a few years ago. I asked him if the kids where nice to him. He said "Everyone is nice. They are all my friends." His attitude has really blessed me.  I think people like him send off a message to those who around "I am a safe person to be around." Everyone does like him. When we look for the good in others that's what we will find.  So pass some kindness on today and make someone's day, and yours will be better too. We each can make a difference. "It is a wonderful life!" (I have this on my wall in my kitchen. )             

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