Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stretching Guacamole Farther--a Tip

My family is always up for a big bowl of guacamole. But this time of year, avocados are not as cheap as we would prefer them to be. We recently threw a family party and noticed that the 5 avocados we had bought probably wouldn't be enough for the whole group. So, with the invention caused by necessity, we added a whole can of mashed northern beans. I dumped the contents of the can in the blender with a bit of water, and then added the whole mixture to the guacamole.

We didn't tell anyone, and received nothing but compliments the entire night for how good it was. Even my husband, the guy with the very sensitive palate, didn't notice a difference. The flavor of the beans mix well with the avocados. Plus it adds a dose of protein to an already great snack.

My family prefers a simple guacamole, so I just added
dried onions
chili powder
lime juice
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Add the spices slowly, testing it as you go, until you get the flavor you want. I would do the same with the mashed white bean mixture, as the amount you add will depend on how many and the size of avocados you are using.

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