Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enjoy Today and Buckwheat Groats Cereal

Out my front door

We live in a beautiful world!

Where ever you live I hope you are enjoying today! I love being outside this time of year. It fills me up and energizes me. I went on a walk with my daughter last night as the sun was setting and it felt so good. These are views out my front door that I got last Sunday. The camera never captures it fully. I know you have beauty outside your front door as well enjoy it. Nature has a way of filling me up and bringing me peace.

It has been a happy week. My youngest daughter graduated from high school. The opening procession music always gets to me. It makes me think about the child graduating, and I always feel a great love for them. I am excited for this daughter.  She has a lot of great plans, and I know this will be a rewarding time of her life. I love her so much and want the best for her and to see her succeed. Its just that part of turning to the next chapter of life that gets my emotions going, yet when I turn the page I always enjoy the next chapter too. 

I also took care of my 2 sweet grandsons for a week last week with the help of my husband and children. I would lose more weight if I did it more often. I went to bed tired at night, yet filled with love for them. There laughter is so fun to hear. The world would be a sad place without children.  It's a wonderful life!

Buckwheat Groats Cereal
I love to talk to people in the store. I learn so much from them when I do. My children sometimes make fun of me for doing it. :) Oh well. This recipe is a result of someone sharing with me in the store. She said she loves to eat buckwheat this way for breakfast. I was reading more about buckwheat after I talked to her and was excited to learn more of the benefits of eating it regularly. Buckwheat one of the closest plant sources to being a complete protein. It also contains a high proportion of all eight amino acids, which our bodies can't produce by themselves, yet are important to keep our bodies in shape. Here is another great resource on buckwheat!

Ingredients:  2 servings

1/2  Buckwheat groats
1 C unsweetened almond milk or milk of your choice
1 tsp honey
favorite fresh or frozen fruit topping.
Cinnamon if desired


1. Pour milk and buckwheat together stir in honey. Let soak overnight in the fridge.

2. Pour desired amount into a bowl and add fruit of your choosing. Sprinkle on cinnamon
if desired. Enjoy some Buckwheat today!

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