Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Presentation of Food and Watermelon

This is a picture from my breakfast that was served to me on our trip. It really hit me how much the presentation of the food makes a difference. I think it really is huge. I know I could do better in this area. I have a couple daughters that are very talented in how they present the food when they serve it. I know it makes me more excited to eat the food when I see it presented in an appealing way. I think quality of food makes a huge difference but I think the presentation is right up there. It is a new challenge I have given myself to make food a more artistic presentation. :) I don't think you have to be an artistic person to do it either.( I know that it does help) The more we practice the better we will get.

I had my first watermelon from Costco of the year. I wondered if It was going to be a winner. It was such a wonderful watermelon. It was such a treat. We are at the time of year when we start getting all of the yummy fruits. Look at this amazing presentation of watermelon. Wow! This does take artistic talent.

I loved this presentation too. This is something I could do. Memorial Day is coming up!


Nutritional benefits of Watermelon:

1. Vitamin A which benefits our eyes to keep them healthy and is also an antioxidant.
2. Vitamin C which can help to keep our immunity stronger by, healing wounds, preventing cell damage, healthy teeth and gums.
3. Vitamin b6 which can assist in our brain function and help convert protein to energy.
4 .Lycopene a antioxidant. Which is one of the benefits of tomatoes it is also found in watermelon. Which helps in fighting heart diseases, different types of cancers. Watermelon contains the largest amount of lycopene of any fruit or vegetable.
5. Potassium which is beneficial in muscle and nerve function, helps our bodies to maintain a proper amount of electrolytes and and acid- base balance, can also aide in lowering blood pressure.
6. Amino acids citrulline and arginine, Which help in arteries health , blood flow and cardiovascular functions.
7. It contains 92% water.

Picking a watermelon:
1. Pick one with bee stings. They bees know how to find the good ones.
2. Pick one that is heavy for the size it is.
3. Skin should be smooth and not too shiny and not dull either.
4. It should also have a light under belly showing that is was ripened on the ground and not picked before it had a chance to ripen.
5. I also listen for a nice deep hollow sound when I pat it with my hand.

I think am going to eat watermelon a lot more after learning of so many health benefits. YUM!

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