Friday, November 4, 2011

Spelt Berry Cereal with Berries

You can read about spelt here.. It has been a wonderful grain I have enjoyed very much. In lots of ways. It is a great alternative to wheat, it has a a lower gluten content too. A friend was recently telling me how much her family enjoyed it as a cereal. It would be similar to how people eat wheat berries. It was a fun breakfast. (The blueberries were frozen in this picture it was nice to mix them in and it cools down the cereal.

2 C water
1 C spelt
1 T coconut oil
1 tsp pumpkin spice * optional
* Toppings: Blueberries or fruit of your choosing, coconut, almond milk, honey, etc... *

Pressure cooking method:
1. Pour spelt, water, oil and spice into the pressure cooking.

2. Set the pressure cooker on to high pressure. Set timer for 25 min.

3. Put on lid and let it cook. Let the pressure release on its on. You can leave it on warm and serve whenever you want to.

4. Top with your favorite toppings.

Stove top method: Add an extra cup of water

1.Pour 3 cups of water into medium saucepan heat till comes to a boil.

2. Pour cup of spelt in boiling water and add spices and oil. Let it come to a boil again.

3. Put the lid on turn it to low. Let it cook another 40-60 min or until soft and they start to split. Drain off water.

4. Then serve and put on your favorite topping.

*Store left over berries in the fridge. Spelt berries could also be thrown in with other dishes like salads, soups, chili, casseroles and ? They will add some extra nutrition and fiber to your dish.

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