Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teriyaki Marinade with Chicken and Brown Rice

A few years back, I would always order teriyaki chicken when we went out. I always knew I could count on it to be good. I still order it from time to time now too. I just love teryaki flavoring, on any kind of meat. It is always a winner. This marinade could be used on any kind of meat.
I asked my son what he wanted for dinner, and this is what he requested. He is a fan of teriyaki too. He had 3 servings, so I think he liked it. I love being able to whip up my own marinades. It is better for you because you add what you want, and a great way to save money too. I do notice when I eat teriyaki, I am really thirsty afterwards. All the salt in the soy sauce causes that I am sure. That is why it is nice to get the reduced sodium soy sauce, and add a little water. It cuts down the salt. You could add cooked vegetables to this as well. It would add some extra nutrition. Serve them on the side or add directly to the meat.

1/3 C reduced sodium soy sauce
1/8 to 1/4 C water
2 T honey
1/4 C orange juice
2 T brown sugar or coconut sugar
2 garlic cloves minced
1 T grated peeled fresh ginger
Optional* green onions chopped up, onions, peppers, carrots, broccoli, etc...
2 lb chicken tenders
3 C cooked Brown rice
1 Toil


1. In a bottle or small bowl mix the first 7 ingredients together set aside. (You could use this on any kind of meat. :)

2. In a skillet heat up oil. Cook chicken till light golden.

3. Then pour sauce over the chicken. Let cook together on med-low heat 10 min. If you want to add vegetables, add them in the last couple minutes, so they don't get over cooked.

4. If you have a bosh mixer, you can use the cookie paddles, and pour in the chicken into the bowl, and it just shreds the chicken in a couple minutes. If you don't have one, you can cut it in small pieces, or shred it with 2 forks.

5. Serve over cooked rice.

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