Thursday, May 19, 2011

Homemade Yogurt Parfaits

Sometimes you have to just smile. :) I made these parfaits for my families breakfast. As they came down to eat, they were a little skeptical of what it had in it. It made me smile to myself, and think about the fact they have gotten to be the guinea pigs of the family. I used to have 7 children at home, now I am down to 2. My cooking has changed a lot in the last couple years. For me it is a new adventure to try new things. It is exciting to have some things I have never made before. I love filling my grocery basket up with new things instead of buying the same old thing. The thing that comes with experimenting is new foods, of course, is trial and error. :/

My latest thing I am trying is goats' milk. I went to a dairy and bought it fresh. I have heard a lot of great things about it. I am making kefir out of it. I made goat cheese out of it last night. It turned out well. My husband had gotten some goat cheese a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed it. So I love the continual learning, but my children never know what they are going to be eating. It is nice to be able to smile and laugh about it too, which I did do with them yesterday. It felt really good to laugh too. They will have fun memories of this time, and hopefully they will take some healthier ways to eat with them when they leave home. I know some of my other children have, and that makes me happy. For now I appreciate their patience with my desire to create and make new things. Each day is a new adventure for them and for me. :) There is so much out there to learn. I have learned so much, and yet have so much still to learn.

These Parfaits were really yummy. We have had them before, here is another version to try. I made homemade yogurt the other night, so it was the perfect breakfast when we were on the run in the morning. It would make a healthy dessert as well.


3 C homemade plain yogurt or store bought
3-4 T honey (depends on how sweet you want it)
1 tsp vanilla
3-4 T flax ground up
1-2 C homemade granola
1 banana
1 C blueberries or another kind of berry


1. Mix yogurt with honey and vanilla.

2. Then get a dish and make layers. I started off with. a scoop of yogurt, sprinkled on a teaspoon of flax, then homemade granola, spoonful of berries, a few cut up pieces of banana, then do those steps again. End with granola sprinkled on the top.

I hope you are having fun learning and exploring too!


  1. I can sympathize. I have one guinea pig at home that gets to try all the food that I make. He's pretty skeptical when he sits down to eat, too, but for the most part he's a good sport. There have been some bombs along the way that we joke about now. I agree, though, I love trying new foods and ingredients. I've learned so many new things from just reading your posts.

  2. It is nice to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Thank You! I am happy you have benefited. I have enjoyed your blog as well. You do a beautiful job, and you have lots of yummy food. Thank You!