Monday, February 14, 2011

Berries Yogurt and Granola Dessert

How about having a fruit yogurt, and granola for dessert. It tastes so good. I just had mine for lunch. =) Everyone could make their own, to their own liking. It could make a fun breakfast or brunch. I love the satisfying feeling after eating it.

kiwi (They didn't have them at the store I went to. )
plain yogurt (I used Dannon)
Whip cream for top


1. I put the strawberries on the bottom, then layered it with yogurt and different berries. I did a layer of whip cream on top. Then I poured on the granola and the blueberries on top. There are lots of variations. It is a nice light dessert that looks great, and tastes even better. Yum!
* The granola and small dab of whip cream added the sweetness. =)
Happy Valentines! It is my daughter's Birthday today! We get to celebrate tonight! ;)

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