Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spices (Turmeric, Garlic, Parsley)

Here is some more herb and spice information I have gathered and some ways they could help. Of course there are no guarantees, but they do enhance your food too. Today I will share information on Turmeric, Garlic and Parsley. The great thing is most of these are ones you are already using. I love when the foods we eat can be beneficial in promoting good health.


Turmeric: I hadn't used this much until recently. I read the benefits of it, and decided it was something I could use more often.

*Some of the ways it may help you:

1. It is a potent anti-inflammatory can be as effective as hydro cortisone and Motrin.
2. Alzheimer's disease
3. positive liver and cardiovascular protection

4. helps with different forms of cancer
5. natural liver detoxifier
6. with putting the powder on cuts and wounds.

*Ways to use it:
1. It is found in mustard.
. Indian dishes
3. Add to curry dishes

4. Using black pepper with it helps the body absorb it better

5. On vegetable dishes
or stir fry
6. You can use with hot water. As a warm drink
7. Chicken Dishes

8. Add to Water when cooking rice

9. Add to egg salad *Image

We have all been hearing the benefits of garlic. One thing I have read in a couple different places lately is after you mince or cut up the garlic, let it sit 10 to 15 min, to triggers an enzyme reaction that can boosts the healthy compounds in garlic.

*Some ways it may help you: (You need to eat it regularly to derive the most benefits. In pill form it may not have as much of a benefit.)

1. kills Germs
2. stimulates immune system

3. beneficial in liver and heart health

4. improves digestion and can enhance absorption of minerals

5. cancer protection and destroy cancer cells (two cloves weekly could help)

6. insomnia and fatigue
7. activate liver enzymes

Ways to use it:

1. Salsa
2. Pasta dishes
3. Pizza

4. Roasted with other vegetables
(How to roast a garlic)
5. Salad dressings

6. Rice Dishes

7. Chicken Dishes

8. Beef Dishes

9. Chili
and soup

Parsley: I used to only see it on a plate in restaurant as a garnish. It always made the plate pretty. Now I have been using it in when I cook and we add it to our green drink. It is one of top of 7 spices. The other ones are *Cinnamon, *Chili Peppers, *Turmeric, *Thyme *Garlic *Oregano

*Some Ways it may help you:

1. inhibits tumor formation especially in the lungs
2. source of antioxidants
3. contains heart healthy nutrients, such as beta carotene and Vitamin C and A
4. prevents build up of arteries
5. battle deafness
6. helps pass kidney stones
7. Fights bad breath

Ways to use it:

1. In your green smoothie
2. In soup (The fresh kind has extra flavor)
3. In pizza or spaghetti sauce
4. Salads and dressings
5. Meatballs
6. By itself

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