Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flat Bread Whole Grain Tacos

These turned out well. I was wanting to make something similar to Navajo Tacos, with out frying them in all the grease. I used my tortilla maker so it flattened them out and made them similar to flat bread. You could try just rolling them out and frying them with a little oil, so it won't stick, in a fry pan, or on the tortilla maker without putting down the lid. It would make them a little thicker. Either way I think would be good.

4-5 C Spelt mixture *
2 tsp Salt
1 T Yeast
2 C Warm Water
1 T Olive Oil

1. Mix yeast and water together. Add the salt and oil. Add enough flour so it doesn't stick to sides and the dough is not real sticky.

2. Let rise 20- 30 min.

3. Roll in to balls a little bigger than a walnut. I put some oil on my hands and rubbed it on the ball before frying it. You can then roll it out. (I flattened mine in the tortilla maker) Thickens depends whether you want it to be a flat bread or a little thicker. Similar to a Navajo Taco. You can then cook in a hot tortilla maker or a frying pan. Cook until desired consistency. I liked them soft enough, to still be able to fold. Then put in your favorite taco fillings. I used tomatoes, spinach, cheese, shoe peg corn, black beans, and ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning. I put taco sauce on it too.

*This was the flour I ground for the Apple Muffins 5 C Spelt 2 C Kamut 1 C Brown Rice 1 C Oat Groats

*It tastes great the day after too.
*To buy flat bread in the store is a lot more $ than making them yourselves. :)

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