Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Places to buy Grains

I have been asked where are good places to buy grains and other healthy foods. These are some of the places that I have found. When I first started trying out new grains I went to Good Earth and bought small amounts in their bulk section. It was nice to get a feel for which ones I liked, before I bought a whole bag. Then when I decided to buy them by the bag I called or looked up on line the things I wanted and compared their prices. These are the places I have used.

Alpine Food Storage.com They carry all sorts of products at good prices. She has a lot of the products on hand. I got my 5 gallon container of coconut oil from her and it is almost gone. I also liked getting spices in bulk from her.

Good Earth also will let you buy in bulk I have bought some from them. I still buy things from their bulk section. One of the things being unsweetened coconut and cashew pieces. I still like trying different things out. I have bought sucrant in bulk there too.

Grainmix.com She carries a lot of grains and other things too. I got the coconut sugar from her. That has been fun to try.

Azure Standard Carries a large variety of products. I have used some of their product and liked it. You can order on line and have them deliver to your area.

Walton Feed Has a lot of great products. Alpine Food storage gets regular deliveries from them.

Sunflower market Has good produce and meat. I bought dates there on sale a couple weeks ago for 1.99 a lb. I was excited about that.

Bosch I have bought things in bulk from them too and I have also got some by the bag. They have some great free classes using a lot of healthy foods.

So hopefully that can be of help to you. I know there are a lot of options out there. You just need to find the ones that work for you. If you have any questions let me know. :)

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