Friday, July 9, 2010

All About Teff

Teff is a grain that is actually common in Ethiopia. The grains of teff are very small (it takes about 150 teff grains to weigh the same as 1 wheat kernal), which means it needs less fuel to cook, making it an important food source for those living in the desert. Because the grain is so small, most of the grain consists of the bran and germ portions of the kernel, meaning it is packed with nutrients.

Health Benefits:
  • Teff has a very high calcium content--more than milk
  • Includes all 8 amino acids necessary for humans
  • It contains no gluten, making it appropriate for those with celiac disease.
  • Teff is high in protein, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, boron, barium, and thiamin.
  • Contains more lysine than wheat or barley.

What Teff is Great For:

Teff is fantastic as a flour. It works great as a substitute for part of the wheat flour in breads. It works especially well for quick breads such as pancakes and muffins. Since it is so small, it also can be served whole as a substitute for seeds, such as sesame seeds. I am told it also works as a nutritious thickener for soups and stews.

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