Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kettle Corn

I have enjoyed eating kettle corn through the years. I was really excited when I found out how to make it at home. I have tried this recipe with a couple different kinds of oil. I used coconut oil today, but they are all good. I like the fact that popcorn has nutritional benefits, and that I can use less sugar when I make it at home. It is nice to make it yourself so you know what ingredients are in the recipe. Popcorn is one of the foods I gets requests for from my kids, its easy, and always a favorite.

2 T. coconut Oil or Olive oil
1 T. honey or sugar (You could use 2 T. of honey or sugar for sweeter version)
1/3 C Popcorn (I heard its good to store popcorn in the freezer)
salt to taste


1. Put medium pan on the stove I set my stove on 7 Med High
2. Put oil and honey or sugar in stir until it gets hot. A couple min. You may see a little stream of smoke come up.
3. Add the popcorn. I let it heat up for a minute.
4. Place the lid on the pan. Turn down the heat to med heat. Wait for it to pop let a few pop about seconds.. Shake pan about  5 seconds place back on heat and wait about 10 seconds. Then shake again. Continue the process until popping stops. 5. Take the pan off the stove holding the lid at the top. Shake the pan up and down 3 times.
5. Pour into bowl and do a couple shakes of salt and you are ready for a treat! :)

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