Why Grain Crazy?

Why Use All These Grains?
Why would you use lots of different grains? Think about it like you do any food you eat. Vegetables are great, but if you only eat carrots, you're missing out on the vitamins offered by delicious spinach and sugar snap peas and radishes. Grains are the same. They each offer different vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your health! 

Why Do I Cook With So Many Grains?
I started out with just using whole wheat flour and then increased to a variety of grains. I started on my own just experimenting with recipes. I would grind wheat in my grinder and think "Why not add more types of grains?" I then found out about some classes that gave me a lot of new grains to experiment with. I have also enjoyed finding new information on the internet.

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen, using grains to experiement with. I love the additional nutrients the new grains I'm using have to offer. And some are easier on the digestive system than whole wheat. I love using multi grain flour instead of white flour. White flour offers so little nutrition. It was a payday the other day when my 14-year-old son said he ate something made with white flour and it tasted "kind of weird." :)

Where Do I Start?
My suggestion would be to start where you are at. If you are new to using grains, start out by going to a health store and buying small amounts in bulk. Substitute small amounts of flour in recipes you normally use and see which grains you and your family like. If you prefer to use just wheat and white due to budget or preference, most of the recipes I post will work if you substitute that combination too.

Most importantly: Have fun!


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