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My name is Britney, and this is Cherie, my mom. Food is intuitive for my mom. She can make bread or muffins without consulting a recipe. When she started changing recipes on her own to make them healthier, that started to be a problem. No one could replicate what she was making. Sometimes she couldn’t even replicate what she had made to her satisfaction.
So I encouraged her to start a blog, and I promised to help her. That way she could share the recipes with her kids and keep track of what she made herself. And since we often laughed about her adventures as she brought home odd grains like teff or spelt, we called it Grain Crazy. I’ve learned a lot about cooking as I’ve helped her. And a lot about eating healthy. She is the genius in this blog. While I can only claim a handful of these recipes as my own, I’ve made a lot of them with her. As a mother of three little boys, I’m learning how to feed them healthy food and finding which things go over well in my own home. Mom has seven children (I’m her oldest) and she’s used all of us and my dad as her guinea pigs to test her new recipes and ingredients.
This blog represents our food partnership. The recipes are Mom’s, and I’m still writing for her and learning as I go. We hope you enjoy it.

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