Thursday, March 21, 2024

Nutty Collagen Bites

 I have enjoyed making these for the last month or so with different variations. Sometimes chocolate flavored or unflavored Vital protein. Both have been great. I just store them in the freezer in a glass covered freezer container or ziplock bag. Then I grab one or two out when I want a protein snack between meals. Goes great with an apple. 

You could use this brand of collagen or a brand you like better. I have done it with both flavors and has worked well with both. This brand has a good source of protein too



1 cup of nut butter of your choosing 

2 Tbsp honey

8 Tablespoons of collagen powder or protein powder 

2 tablespoons chia *optional 


1. Put all ingredients in a small bowl. Stir until all mixed together. I sometimes knead together with my hands. (If needed add more collagen to get desired consistency.)

2. Roll into small balls. Place in freezer air tight container or ziplock. Place in freezer. 

3. Take out and eat when you need a nice protein snack. 


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