Monday, April 14, 2014

Garden Dil Dip

We are having a fun time coming up with ideas of ways to use these cute garden cups. They are great for an outside gathering or inside. they add a new life to the party. I love them. Great idea for an Easter party too.  It is great to make your own garden dip with out all the extra additives of the ones prepared in the store. You can also try these garden granola cup (dirt cups).

2 Cups plain yogurt
2 tsp dry parsley

2 tsp dill weed (I love this :)

1/2 tsp granulated garlic (I got this at Costco)

2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp salt (I used real salt)

dash of chili powder
dash of crushed pepper *optional

1. First wash the garden pot with soap  and water and let dry.  
2. Put extra deep muffin cups at the bottom and then cut parchment paper in long strip that is the size of the pot. Stick the parchment paper inside of the muffin cup (You could also line the bottom with some extra parchment paper) so the parchment paper over laps.  Cut off the top to be the right height.
3. Mix it all together until all combined.
4. Pour into the clay lined pot.
5. This  dip is great for crackers, chips and vegetables. You could
also use it for baked potato topping, fish tacos. sweet potato fries. Come up with your
own yummy ideas. This was a hit with my family. Enjoy!

* Side note: Cute Garnish idea. I bought mini carrots and then poked the top of them with toothpicks and put in this (see below) edible grass in little pieces. It makes the carrots look so cute. It is a darling garnish. I got the edible grass at Target. :)