Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fire works!

This fourth of July was not the normal fireworks. The day before the 4th of July we got evacuated from our home. They weren't sure how fast the fire was going to move. This is a picture I got from our yard before we left. No one has been hurt in the fire and no houses burned. It is something I have never experienced, evacuating our home. I had just had some one tell me recently that he had to evacuate and he realized how much of his things didn't really matter to him. They told us we had 15 min.

 The things we took were some changes of  clothes and picture albums, pictures, and important documents. The rest was replaceable. It was good to have the chance to think about what is important to take and what is not. We had just been talking about it the week before with our son. It is good for your children to know what you want them to get. Because you may not be there when a disaster hits.

It was so very sad to see parts of our beautiful mountain burn. :( We were very grateful to have my parents house to go and stay at that was close by. :) My parents are wonderful. They are still blessing our lives. I realize many don't always have another home to go to in a disaster. :(

I appreciate the fireman who work hard in our behalf. They are amazing. We were so very grateful for rain today that made it possible to go back to our homes. Music to our ears. Blessings from heaven! I came home and opened my windows and just enjoyed listening to the rain. The rain had never sounded so good. We also said a prayer of Thanks! We put our home back together. Thanks to my sons help. My husband was at work.

As we sat there eating our lunch listening to the rain! :) My son said,  "It is good to be back home!" I had to agree. There is no place like home. (Although my parents were wonderful to be with.) Enjoy all the blessings around you each day. We each have so much to be grateful for. I love living in America!

 Picture today after the rain. The burnt area is in the distance. I can't believe it can look like this after seeing huge flames last night. Blessings from heaven. Thank goodness for the rain.  


  1. I am glad you are back home and so grateful there was no damage to your home. I laughed when you said it was good to have some time to think about what to take when all you had was 15 minutes. It was good you were prepared mentally. So sorry you have your mountain burnt though.

    1. You are right that isn't much time. Fortunately we had just been thinking about it the week before and earlier in the day. I had thought it may happen so I was a little more prepared. I know you have been though this too.