Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barbecue Roundup - 5 Healthy Recipes that Won't Heat Up Your Kitchen

My house is way too hot to cook. My AC just can't keep up with the heat from outside and the heat from an oven. I'm sure that lots of you are experiencing the same thing, so I've compiled some wonderful recipes that you can cook outside.

These are my all-time favorite hamburgers. I make a big ol' batch of them, package most of them up and put them in my freezer. Then, not only do I have a meal that I don't have to heat up my kitchen for, but I only have to remember to defrost the meat for several other meals. And they are amazing!

Asparagus isn't in really in season right now, but if you are lucky enough to find some, this is delicious. The marinade would also be good on other summer vegetables. I think zucchini would be amazing with this! Marinate and then barbecue on skewers soaked in water.

Grilled salmon anyone? Tell me this doesn't look amazing.

More in a baking mood? Have you ever made pizza on the barbecue? It's surprisingly easy, and once you preheat your barbecue, it only takes about 10 minutes. This is a really good Mexican pizza packed with fresh summer veggies.

And what barbecue is complete without a good fruit side? Here's a twist on a traditional fruit salad using fresh summer fruits. I've been noticing cherries on sale lately, so it's the perfect time for this salad!

Good luck staying cool!

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  1. I love summer. And I miss my grill. And these all look delicious.