Sunday, December 20, 2009

All About Millet

Health Benefits:
  • contains chemicals that lower cholesterol and reduce cancer risk
  • has the most complete protein and more iron than any other true cereal grain
  • high in fiber
  • gentle on the digestive system
  • high in phosphorus
  • gluten-free!
What Millet is great for:

I often make a pilaf containing brown rice, millet, and barley. I also use it as a mixture in my breads. I have also heard that it tastes good mixed with mashed potatoes, to make them more nutritious. You can substitute it for white rice in any of your favorite recipes.

Since millet contains no gluten, it is not as good for raised bread by itself, although it will work in flatbread or when combined with wheat or xanthan gum. But because it has no gluten, it is a grain that even people with celiac disease can eat.

When used as a cereal, millet is gentle enough that it can be used as a baby food. It is considered one of the least allergenic and most digestible of grains.

Note: Be careful digesting 3 or more servings of millet a day if you have hypothyroidism, as it can slow the intake of iodine to your body.

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